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Painting With Alcohol Inks







520 Westfield Drive, Exton, PA 19341

Painting With Alcohol Inks


Nina Yocom

I’m Nina Yocom – an artist happily obsessed with alcohol inks. My journey began about two years ago when I was first introduced to these highly saturated ink colors. I began to study their origin and quickly became enamored with the chemical reaction as they interact with isopropyl alcohol and other liquids. I am continually challenged and excited as the inks have a life of their own balanced by the control I exert with movement, heat, and a patient hand. The process is highly intuitive, meditative, and deeply satisfies my soul.

About the Demonstration

You may have already heard about alcohol inks but remain quite curious and want to know more. Join Nina Yocom for a live demonstration as she works on surfaces such as synthetic paper, ceramic tile, primed panel, and canvas. Watch as she uses a variety of tools to manipulate the layout and colors of inks to form unique pieces of art. Learn more about her process, what inspires her and shop from the gallery of existing pieces.

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