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The Art, Science & Magic of Ecoprinting







2948 Conestoga Rd. Glenmoore, PA 19343

The Art, Science & Magic of Ecoprinting


Lisa Dawn White

With a bachelor's degree in Anthropology, a master’s degree in Horticulture, a 20-year career in natural and social science research and a European certification in homeopathy, my pursuit of the botanical arts serves as a bridge to continue to explore the way that humans use plants for food, fiber, medicine, art, decoration, beautification, purification, exploration, and healing. My botanical arts line began in 2006 with mixed media botanical collages and expanded into a line of art nouveau inspired pressed flower jewelry. In 2018, I took a deep dive into the world of ecoprinting — a sophisticated form of contact printing onto fiber with plants that’s comprised of equal parts art, science, and magic. I’ve had my work sold in over 100 shops, boutiques and galleries throughout North America, designed exclusive lines for catalogs and had my work and Downingtown, PA art studio published in magazines. Early in 2023, I opened Muse Artisan Boutique in Glenmoore, PA, where I exhibit and sell my full line of botanical arts as well as the work of over 40 local and 200 worldwide artists, makers and artisan-driven brands.

About the Demonstration

During the ecoprinting process, botanicals transfer their dyes to natural fibers that have been mordanted, a process that allows the botanical dyes contained in the plants to become “fixed” onto the fiber. The imprint is developed when a tight bundle is created by rolling the botanicals into the fibers. At varying stages of this process, other natural, plant based, or synthetic dyes can be used to deposit additional colors. Not all botanicals will deposit color, some will instead leave a negative imprint, or resist, further adding to the overall abstract patterning that typically results. Finally, the bundles are steamed for a few hours during which time the heat permanently sets the transfer. After the bundle is unrolled (i.e., the "Big Reveal") it's allowed to oxidize for a time and then washed. The ecoprinting process may be thought of as equal parts art, science and magic! No two pieces will ever be the exact same.

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