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Twist-Kits Creative Wire Statue Demo







Demonstrating the technique for making a human form statue out of armature wire

Twist-Kits Creative Wire Statue Demo


Dan Winkelman

Dan Winkelman (Wink) is a great example of an artist that can’t seem to focus but does not care because while creating his art he fulfills his artistic expression. Wink is the artist and Link is the creative connection to the world; the mission is to ignite creativity.

About the Demonstration

This hands-on imaginative activity allows your customers to create a wire statue in 10 easy steps, it also includes a blueprint to ensure proper proportions. The two types of kits are Bill Bendy (Easy Bend) and Terry Twisty (Medium Bend). Each kit also includes a decoration package, so each creation can be unique. Each kit sold also contributes to supporting inner city artist, as the company’s social mission is to make non-electronic art that is more accessible and sharable.

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