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Finding the Time to Get It Done 🕰

A few months ago I got a text from my neighbor Julie inviting me to a party.  Great, I thought, parties are fun.  But, as I read on I realized that it was one of those direct marketing home parties Tupperware style.  Does anyone else remember their mom’s hosting Tupperware? I’m pretty sure there is a big green Tupperware bowl still hanging out at the house from my childhood days.  

Julie signed onto this cleaning company that sells chemical-free products that minimize the chemicals in your home.  She asked if I would come to her debut party, and because Julie is awesome, I agreed…begrudgingly.  

The night of the party only myself and another friend showed up, so there was no hiding in the back of the dining room.  I was front and center and got to scrub, spritz and polish my little heart out that evening.  I even won the prize…a magical little purple sponge that cleans your dishes without letting food get trapped inside.  

I ordered the “this cleans the whole kitchen" package and went home with my new sponge.  

A few weeks later a box showed up on my doorstep filled with my new cleaning supplies, I reacquainted myself with the directions and put them out on my counter near the sink.  And then I started using the stuff.   And I started seeing how easy it was to keep my sink clean with the proper products right there.  Now, when I walk into my kitchen and I see a clean sink and shiny countertops, it makes me feel good which frees up mental space for me to do the things that are really important.  Like, make art.