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Leading with Goals to Craft an Irresistible Marketing Plan

Your best studio tour ever goals have been simmering, and you are ready to put some structure around them.  

Your goals are your destination...your daily activities are the vehicle to get you there.  

Today, we are going to create the framework that you will be following over the next 10 weeks using your goals as your north star.   So, take a deep breath, and before you move on, grab your goal list that you defined in the last article.

Let's go over each goal and come up with a set of tasks that will help you reach it. Write the first goal at the top of a blank page. Take a few minutes and list everything that needs to happen to get you there.

I'm going to use the goals that I extracted from my best show in the last article...

GOAL 1: Patrons Easily Connect With Artwork

How I will get there...