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10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

January 20, 2021

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Chester County Studio Tour provides artists an opportunity to showcase their creative work environment with the public by way of a professional, well-publicized, and anticipated event. In turn, the tour exposes the cultural backbone of the county for citizens and visitors to engage in and participate in the arts.


Our new application process allows you to have control of how your page looks on our website. Once you apply and are accepted, you'll have access to update your information and artist statements.

Notifications of acceptance will go out early February.

Please note your application will NOT be saved if you close out of the window or hit the back button. You will not be able to apply using your phone.

Before you start.

Check out our "Best Practices" page to insure your photos look the best.

Also a new video that shows the application process step by step.

Let's get started with some simple questions.

Thanks for joining us!

I am participating as a

Your Studio Address.

My Studio Address is the same as my Home Address

Yes, my studio is handicapped accessible.


A studio will be marked with the handicap logo if it meets the following requirements.
The studio is wheelchair accessible. The studio is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Parking is available for a van. Service dogs welcome.

I am a Host Studio

I'm excited to be a guest artist

Let's get to know you better.

When adding a link to your website make sure it begins with http://. Its easiest  to copy and paste from the browser bar.

That's ok if you don't have a social media presence, just leave them blank. But you'll want to look into before the studio tour, everybody is doing it.

Description of your work: Medium, Technique - Something you want to share with everyone. This will be on your page on our website. Please keep it under 250 words. You can tell them your life story when they visit you on the tour.

Awesome! Let's see your artwork.

Please upload 3 images of recent work. They should be the best representative examples of what you will be showing at the Studio Tour. We will choose one of these images for the catalogue and all 3 will be on the website. A jury of artists, art directors and gallery owners will review the images to make sure we have the best County Studio Tour.

 make sure all images are @300 dpi, and the longest side is 1920 pixels

Label your files first name last name image number
ie. Jane Doe 1 & Jane Doe Booth

Your image files must match the name on your application.

non-square images will be cropped and displayed as in [preview image.]

Check out our "Best Practices" page to insure your photos look the best.

Need help resizing your images?  A how to article on "Cropping and Resizing on the iPhone or iPad."
Use this online photo editor to resize your images - PIXLR

Questions about jpeg compressions? Here is a great article to help you understand.

To upload your images

Step 1: Click "Image 1 +" box

Step 2: Select your image from your files

Step 3: Click the "upload image" button

Step 4: When your image appears in the "image 1+" box continue uploading your second image and repeat.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
upload image
upload image
upload image

Now, let's see your studio or booth!

Please upload 1 image of your studio or booth. If you are applying as a host studio we will use this image for the catalogue and the website. You may include your dashing self or artwork within the studio. If you applying as a guest, we will jury this image on professionalism. This image may be wider vertically than it's height.

Label your booth or studio file first name last name image booth
ie. Jane Doe Studio or Jane Doe Booth

Check out our "Best Practices" page to insure your studio looks the best.

Let's see your Studio or booth
upload image

Need help loading your images or not sure about the size requirements?

Email us and we can help.

We are almost done!

Now the legal stuff.

View Terms and Conditions

Yes, I accept the terms and conditions.

Let's do this! Hit the orange button.
Once everything is uploaded, (it can take up to 30 seconds)
we'll automatically take you to check out for the $30 registration fee.

You won't have to pay your exhibition fee until you're accepted.

Let's Do This!
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Make sure you've input all the required information!

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