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Carol Apicella

Mixed Media

I am a Mixed Media Mosaic Artist who strives to make something beautiful out of the ordinary. I enjoy the challenge of making interesting and unique art with what many people would discard as broken, outdated, or useless. By repurposing and merging everyday items into my art, they gain new life.

I in essence “paint” with a variety of mixed media - broken dishes, tiles, beads, twisting wire, doorknobs, spent bullet casings, old jewelry, pebbles, shells - whatever seems to fit into the flow of the work. I create images both representative of the natural world like a garden of bold flowers or a shell strewn beach as well as abstract designs that flow with color and texture. In each piece, I intentionally include interesting and unique elements that reveal themselves over time as one studies the image or design, each piece, is like an “I Spy” image, the more you look, the more you see…

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