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Denise Vitollo


(484) 888-5150


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Denise Vitollo PPS, PPSCC, PWCS, MPS, DPS
A lifetime artist, I see the world as being full of magic moments of intense color vibration and pulsating energy. By exploring, observing, examining, and experiencing everything around me, I have developed a true appreciation for the natural world. I take in my subjects and react to them with bold color and expressive marks of pure pigment. Those magic moments in life are fleeting, and I try to record that experience for the viewer.

It is my intention that when viewers encounter my work, they may see in new ways. Hopefully, they will stop rushing about their daily busyness, get outside, and take time to really LOOK and rediscover. They may come to see that there is more to life and the world than they presently know, and this can help them to live a fuller existence.

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