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Don & Peg

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Read our brief interview with Don & Peg

Describe your collection style?
Collection is primarily American Art with a concentration on local Chester County artists.

How do you choose a piece?
When we see something we love, we buy it, and worry about where it will go when it gets home. 


The first piece you bought?
A bronze sculpture by a PA artist, probably 62 yrs ago. 


Your favorite piece?
Usually whatever we bought last.


scholl's frogs
Scholl's home

The piece that got away?

Can’t remember one…We’ve learned to buy instinctively, because if you wait it may not be there when you return for a second look.


Do you both have to agree on a piece?

Not at all though we won’t buy a piece that either of us doesn’t really care for. We live in our home together so best to respect each other’s dislikes as much as likes.


What piece did you disagree on then learned to love, or maybe you still disagree on it.? 
Peg didn’t care for our Eyvind Earle west coast landscape at first (CA artist) but it grew on her and now we own several. 

Do you have a yearly art budget?

We don’t work from a budget, just from our passion for fine art and crafts.

Do you have an idea of where it will go when deciding to purchase art? 

No, we like to rotate artwork around the home and can always seem to find a place for a new acquisition.

Are you out of room yet? 

We’ll never be out of room for art that moves us.

What artist do you currently have your eye on?
Michele Byrne, Beth Bathe, Qiang Huang. 


The piece you desire to have but can't because it's in a museum? 

Yes. Daniel Garber’s “The Junior Camp”. It’s a small piece in the San Diego Museum of Art and it sings to us every time we visit it.

*Peg wanted their collection to be seen and appreciated by other local collectors. But she died last November before she could host this event. So Don and his children welcome you to their home and Peg will be there in spirit. Come see this rare private collection of local, regional, and international artists in the Scholl home. 

$75 (per person)
Tour 3 Collectors Homes while Sipping on Curated Libations and Noshing on Edible Delights

MAY 6th 6:00 - 10:00 PM 


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