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Sharing three beautiful homes with thoughtful art collections.

2020 Chester County Collectors Home Tour

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Read our brief interview with Mathias & Monica.

Describe your collection style?

Mainly Pop Art, occasionally we add some pieces of local artists from the United States, Germany, Chile or other countries we have been.


How do you choose a piece?

We buy what we like to look at every day: colorful, unique, happy.


The first piece you bought?

I bought already cheap pieces at the end of high school and at university but started to collect seriously about 20 years ago – with Jeff Schaller’s pop art piece "Philly Love."

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Your favorite piece?

We don’t have one favorite but like most of our artwork. A special meaning has the Jeff Schaller encaustic painting Monica commissioned for my 50th  birthday, representing my hobbies: jazz, pop art, food.


The piece that got away?

Warhol’s After the Party. Had a good offer 15 years ago….but felt it was still too high. Now I know it would have been a steal….


Do you both have to agree on a piece?

Yes….at least directionally.


What piece did you disagree on then learned to love, or maybe you still disagree on it.

Some pieces I bought before we got married, for example some Burton Morris lithographs….. I still like them.

Do you have a yearly art budget?

No….. but in the mean time we limit the number of pieces we buy: 1-2 per year.


Do you have an idea of where it will go when deciding to purchase art?

No, we often change the place of multiple pieces before we can position a new one.


Are you out of room yet?

No – and we will never be…. Just a question of organizing things correctly. Monica disagrees, partly.


What artist do you currently have your eye on?

Our favorite is Jeff Schaller, but we like some pieces of most pop artists, like Robert Mars, Peter Mars, Romero Britto, Rizzi but also “classics” like Keith Haring, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Wesselmann, Rauschenberg or Rosenquist.


The piece you desire to have but can't because it's in a museum?

It is great when outstanding pieces are in a museum so that many people can see them. Those we don’t desire. I love many in museums, like Jasper Johns flag for its depth in material or Warhol’s Monroe series for the color schemes.


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